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Skype will preinstalled on Nokia N97

Friday, February 20, 2009 9:33 AM

On the second day of the MWC is now 2009 and we are very happy with the announcement of Nokia. First, it is no secret that there will be some of the Nokia Nseries Smartphone Introductions. So at the end of the day we announced the N86 8MP for the second quarter with a price under USD 400. But not all. Evenly with Nokia and Skype says that they have reached the point, taking into account each other and the potential for future success, especially when the experience and Internet communications can be assembled with appropriate updates. The team at first, in his view, by reduction.

Of course, we're not fooling anyone, and the mobile version of Skype can be downloaded and installed in a long time. But he did not stop Skype and Nokia to make some publicity about the software preinstalled. In my view, such as Skype is to increase the funds that move in this necessary for WLAN and 3G are now very common and widespread. Anyway, the first mobile phone with Skype pre-installed Nokia Nseries N97 will ship. This will happen in the third quarter and after that all models come with Nseries and others. Preinstalled with a soft policy will have some benefits to users - in particular there is a bug. Skype feature will be adopted with the address book contacts, status, and chat on Skype to Skype calls. All free, as usual. Calls to fixed lines, mobile phones and SMS are outstanding of course.

Car Powered by Air

Thursday, February 19, 2009 11:52 AM

One of the most significant problem is the modern ecological problems. Every car that runs on fossil fuels is polluting our planet and the ecological situation even worse. But that's not all. Energy problem, which is based on the fact that our oil resources are limited, the more we threaten each year. Jump in oil prices is too high and there is no reason to reduce. Alternative fuel that many anticipated discovery, but unfortunately, other alternative fuel which is not very efficient. However, the one that looks very promising. Under this project, the possibility of fuel of the future will be ... compressed air!

Sounds great, right? Engine that can be supported by air? Yes it is. Of course not only a simple air you breathe now - must be compressed to be useful. Compressed air at high pressure pushes the piston engine, and when used, to return to the air is completely clean. Tank is enough for 200 km, and maximum speed performance - 110 kilometers per hour!

Cars are not only ecological pure, you can save money on fuel! Complete re-cost about 1.5 euros, which is approximately equal to 2 liters of regular gasoline! If the average of 8-10 liters of gas in the car needs 100 km, with the gas price of 1 euro per liter, which means that 16-20 euros per 200 km, 10 times more expensive than the engine air! Petrol stations will be simple - a few minutes with the air compressor is connected, and are willing to go 200 km.

Its inventor, former Formula 1 engineer, has worked for a decade and a half in this wonderful project. This is a product of hard work, and hope that the project will not be unnoticed. Indian companies are already interested in this concept, and the first public display cars available later this year. Cost is very affordable - 3500 euro for the cheapest model. Manufacturers who plan to release this incredible environment-saving cars in Europe and India. I hope this is not the last step to save the environment and technology, and we will see more.

The New Smartphone from Acer

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 9:20 AM

I congratulate you, all loving the smartphone, with the grand opening today MWC. Only three days that will not stop the phone from the premieres of the best in the world and, of course, ambitious newcomer in the field. Here's an interesting opponent. Acer over the years has developed equipment and gear now after turning off the mobile phone market. We present four devices, DX900, X960, M900 and F900, a touchscreen that works with Windows Mobile 6.1, but based on its specifications necesserely not in the same price category. The question now is when and where Acer will be the first line for sale - in Asia or Europe?

Characteristics of the touch screen and Windows Mobile 6.1 is not the only things that bring Acer Smartphone. All those with a microSD card slot, Bluetooth 2.0, the same 533 MHz Samsung S3C processor stronger and most importantly - through WLAN Internet. Red is also basically the same. GPRS, quad-band GSM / EDGE for all and not only DX900 EGPRS.

DX900 is the least equipped of the four. Share the same 2.8 "VGA TFT LCD touchscreen X900, do not have your camera. 3.2 MP for the X960 and the DX900 to 3MP dead. DX900 But meanwhile it is the only press that the two SIM card slots.

Like the first pair, M900 and F900 has the same screen, but in this case as a whole 3.8 inches bigger "WVGA TFT LCD touch screen. F900 poor but has a 3 MP camera, while M900 much to the front of the car - 5 MP and flashlighting focus gadget.

Also note that installing Windows Mobile 6.1 on Acer cool now waiting on the line of descent - WM 6.5. That makes us eager to know whether in terms of WM 6.5, or the price is reasonable or not.

Samsung I7410 with OLED Touchscreen and Built-In Projector

Tuesday, February 17, 2009 9:07 AM

Mobile World Congress 2009 is to begin this weekend after the February 16 and is expected to CES this year. Three days of the CTM will be successful with the new and upcoming mobile phones. Here is the first that will be shining soon. Literally I have to say. Samsung I7410 and Samsung W7900 mobile phone is the same with two names - one for the European market and one for Korea. Why shine? Because they have been integrated into the projector, which is basically in the same house, but the smaller theater, of course. All other functions are also quite cold, so we expect more information at the time this came before the official in Korea and then in Europe.

DLP Pico projector Samsung I7410 and two very complete multimedia gadget W7900. 127 cm is the maximum possible size of the projected image. On a sunny day, this number will be smaller, but somehow this will work well in the evening. This feature will be a great special, but to use every day has other things stacked I7410. As OLED touchscreen or 5 megapix camera. I'm not sure if it even better to see the high resolution image projected to the wall or OLED screen. I am confident, however, that the ability of the internet and email this baby needs supplements touchscreen favor. But on the other side of the Samsung I7410 features a PowerPoint presentation plausibly be referring to their Pico projector.

I can not help thinking that the end of the screen, projector, camera 5 megapix hidden in all the rest will not cure your display. Samsung I7410 frankly W7900 Korea or not sophisticated. But I can not imagine what that number will have on price. What is, developers should be thinking about ways to redesign at the moment it goes on sale. And that makes a big projector I7410 thick with the touchscreen on the market. Therefore, slimmer body with a luxurious lower price, but there is no projector.

Waterproof Keyboard

Monday, February 16, 2009 9:29 AM

I am a dork. I always spill coffee, tea or a cup of hot chocolate in the keyboard and accessories. I can not even put a cup of coffee on the desktop, because I know that I would change yesterday. Most of the keyboard I die that way.

I solved this problem. I bought a water keyboard. This is a gadget. You can spill coffee, tea or liquid in it and it will be fine. You can take a cup of water as a whole and can continue working. Boys company Lenovo is also a very good for us. Especially for people like me that is not accurate.

You can also get a wireless version of this keyboard. It's very easy that you can place the computer in the kitchen and the keyboard will have a liquid poured into it. Keyboard is now available in Chinese, but I'm not sure about the rest of the world. I think you should get one as soon as they are. Because you need a key.

Energy Recovering Shock Absorber by MIT Student

Sunday, February 15, 2009 9:57 PM

Great news for the automotive industry is on the web. On the way to the needs and environment-friendly car has improved the suspension. Although many hate petrolheads catalyst severe malnutrition, and motor fuel, especially the electric motor is not better than diesel, but it costs a fortune, making the suspension of power production and the unit does not interfere with what is called the active unit. That's true - the springs are now able to discharge the discharge energy into electricity. Innovation MIT students have joined forces to become Power Lift Corp. and the concept to end users as quickly as possible.

Since the beginning, the suspension - waste of energy is part of the vehicle. When the pain and rebounds, missed the car's kinetic energy must therefore be more speed bumps after the use of fuel. MIT does not prevent this crisis from happening, but are used to manage this process. The concept is a hydraulic damper, liquid and they are encouraged through the turbine when the piston rises. The electricity generated. Suspension is controlled by computers and automatically take into account speed, surface, etc. In fact, very general and the suspension or even claim to be more smooth rough surfaces.

You can be tricky it can match the energy crisis of electricity. If no one, not a gocard? Fortunately - no. Even if all the electronic closed MIT springs do not lose their main function.

Achieving the regeneration of a big surprise. The developers say they can reduce 10 percent of fuel consumption. They do not say much about this, but this can be achieved by removing every car has a generator. MIT students are now testing the system energy use in the weight of his Humvee. Heavy trucks and SUVs appear to produce energy from family saloons, so it will be the first to benefit from the new.

How Big Can Blu Ray Disk Go, Up to 400 Gb?

Saturday, February 14, 2009 8:47 AM

Blu-Ray is not a lot of high-quality work for film lovers everywhere. Thanks to the H.264 codec, we have more data on the space so that the same quality video and sound better actually standard DVD. That's good, but the limit of technology, Blu-Ray or not? Fortunately - not, as Pioneer said recently. The experience pioneer developers a way to significantly increase the capacity of Blu-Ray optical disc. All this is not in the short term, of course, but we are always happy to take a more general milestones in the field of technology, especially if it brings more opportunities to end users.

Pioneer High-Capacity Blu-Ray disc technology of the future is a basic boot camp. Point is a general pick-up head (puh) of the notes. Here again, modern materials make good half of the work. Pioneer High Fidelity Taiwan formally declared a breakthrough in the science of new materials can lead to some of the structure layer BD optical disk, which in turn means more disk space. It is expected that 16 layers, each with 20 GB space in it, therefore, the total capacity of 400 GB will be in one of the optical disk can be read on the Blu-Ray player. All this is likely available in 2010 but only in read-only disk. This information is in the international road map of Pioneer. He also said that rewritable discs may be ready in 2012 and surprising: in 1TB Blu-Ray optical disc in 2013. We will see.

Renoir, Art Phone from LG

Friday, February 13, 2009 8:55 AM

LG officially announces the launch of the electronic multimedia terminal LG-KC910 with a touchscreen and a camera with a resolution of 8 MP. Art inspired a new model known as Renoir has a number of features such as WiFi, Dolby Mobile for music and camera functions that surpass in many digital cameras.

Renoir can create images with a resolution of 8 MP. Image created can be edited by functions of the camera to send a hard copy or online. Some functions of the camera as Renoir certified Schneider-Kreuznach lens, xenon flash, auto and manual focus, ISO 1600 and geo-tags are only available on professional camera person.

One of the most important advantages of the Renoir is a touch screen and an 8 MP camera with touch function. One feature, Touch Shot, a high precision allows for the setting of the photograph allows users with a simple object of the touchscreen. Being made immediately after shooting finger is removed from the screen. Touch Shot feature is available for the first time on the phone. This function also stabilizes images automatically, eliminating the special needs of this button.

LG Renoir, chose the name for Viewty successor to reflect the phone's personality and level of multimedia features. We can only add that the Renoir just 13.5 mm thick.

Kindle 2, Electronic Reader from Amazon

Thursday, February 12, 2009 11:12 AM

Amazon, one of the biggest online shopping, make interesting release in November 2007. This device is an electronic reader, the text by using the new screen technology - E-Ink. At the start, the number of electronic devices based on the e-ink is not this day, and this type of screen has a big WOW factor. We have considered as a first generation Amazon Kindle, so if you're interested you can read here. Why do we remember? Because the time for Amazon to launch the new and improved version of the e-Ink readers - called Kindle 2. What should we expect from the second iteration of Amazon's portable reader books?

While the model is quite innovative for the first time to enter the market, you hope the situation is the same as the successor - and you will be totally true! Switch 2 and looks much more modern feel of its predecessor. It is almost unbelievable thin - the thickness is 0.36 inches, which is almost as thick as most of the magazine. Has a rounded back edge and sharp as iPhone and iPod Touch use - a new fashion design, or only one step toward better usability? In any case, much more thin and comfortable to use now. In general, the design has been improved. Switch 2 now as slim and modern device's board, not as a giant target for 90 years with many edges, as the first. Button placement is a big step forward, 5-control navigation to make navigation easier and more intuitive. The battery also increased, but now has 25 percent more capacity - which means about two sunday read in the battery. Of course, it all depends on how often they read, so this number may vary.

On the hardware side, there are also many improvements. Although only supports EVDO Kindle special wireless network, Kindle 2 can be used more widely for 3G connectivity. In less than 60 seconds you will have the right books ordered on the device and is not necessary to find a Wi-Fi. Of course, the books must be purchased at the online bookstore Amazon first. Talking about this store, they have more than 230,000 books in various genres, many newspapers and magazines - all this with a variety of literature can be easily accessed through 3G network. Amazon's mobile wireless service policies do not cover all the bills - to pay Amazon for 3G connection (it may cost unlimited wireless plan included in the price of Kindle 2). All books purchased will be stored on servers in the Amazon, so it does not need to have them all on the Kindle - you can always download again later. But why remove someone, when a book with a capacity of 2 GB internal Kindle 2 can store up to 1500 pounds at a time?

Some may wonder why they need space for books published in 1500? 2GB capacity is greater than the number of textbooks. But when the fair features a new entrance Kindle 2 - audio book support. Have 3.5mm headphone slot, so that any headphones will do. Audio books can be very large, 2GB, so will not be enough to save 1,500 of them - but, you can always re-download from Amazon, why you should save it all in one place? Another interesting feature of the audio output is a function of text speak. Is a choice between reading the text itself, and listen to how 2 say to your Kindle. Of course, the machine readable text can not always better than the people who make recordings, but if you want to listen to your favorite books, while in the van or the need to rest - to be the best option.

Of course, this device has a shortfall. Strict dependence on the service from Amazon, it can only be used in the United States. Emerged from the first sentence, almost all books available on the Kindle is in English, then this device will be useful for English speaking audiences only. Another drawback of this device, you can use a memory card to expand internal memory - some users will have 2 GB internal memory is not enough for their tastes. However, please note that the first bearing Kindle is successful, then the successor, likely to be most in demand. Will announce the launch on 24 February 2009, the estimated price of $ 359.

Nokia 5800 ( Tube ) is Available Now

Wednesday, February 11, 2009 10:52 AM

Nokia 5800, previously called Tube, acquired a lot attention since it was the first Nokia respond to Apple iPhone - not a competitor, but a phone with alike appears and interface. Touchscreen thumb-controlled devices are acquiring a lot and a lot of popularity, and Nokia's first effort in this marketplace - Nokia 5800 release - promises to be successful one. As was declared before, at October 2 Nokia finally acquainted its first multimedia touchscreen smartphone on Symbian - Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. We poked into details, which are described below.

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic most interesting side is that it is working at a first Symbian S60 made especially for touchscreen controller and big resolutions - S60 5th Edition. It is designed to be controlled either by thumbs or stylus, with power to decide what you prefer the most (unlike Windows Mobile, S60 5th Edition is fully optimized for thumb usage - although, f you like, you are able to accept the stylus and work with it without any problems. On Windows Mobile all thumb controlling features are just a shell that works above stylus-oriented OS). Interesting enough, Nokia pointed this smartphone not as a premium class smartphone but as a middle-class music phone.

iIt goes with 3.2 inched sensor display with 640 x 360 resolution, which is greater than the iPhone's and is capable of exposing films or pictures very crisp and brightly, 3.2 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus and dual LED torch, Global Positioning System. Wireless characteristics include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which, in combining with its high-resolution display, makes 5800 great for net browsing. Built-in accelerometer corrects picture on screen if the position of smartphone is switched from portrait to landscape style, this characteristic is present in almost every advanced multimedia smartphone, so it is not a WOW factor any longer.

While aimed at music lovers, smartphone has all that asked for hearing in comfort - 3.5 minijack slot for connecting almost every model of headphones to the device (no adapters or proprietary accessories is needed;, powerful multimedia player that runs smoothly and benefits tremendously from the display's size - album arts appear lovely, especially if saved in high resolution; expandable storage via microSD cards - up to 16 GB is supported, 8GB card is packed with the phone. Text input is done fully via touchscreen and virtual keyboard - it has two styles of operation, one for thumb input and one for stylus. Needless to say, phone supports 3G networks and has all that is needed for video calls.

First edition of this interesting smartphone will be released pretty soon - models in black, red and blue colors will be sold for attractive price - 279 Euros (around 380 US dollars), with special version "Nokia Comes With Music" launching in the beginning of 2009. It is curious, how it will be compatible with great number of S60 applications and games that are already released. In any case, ask to see a lot of great applications written to use all of Nokia Tube possibilities.

Sony Walkman with 3" OLED Touchscreen - New Challenger between OLED Gadgets?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 9:22 AM

Great news, OLED technology is a hit with the LCD screen, as more electronic devices with OLED display that flows in the market. And does not need to watch TV. Of course, we all remember the first cluster there - Sony OLED XEL-1 high definition, but there are many more OLED gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops, and clearly, portable media player. There Cowon S9 Curve - and a multimedia player with exceptional touch screen Grinding and now appears to have gained a competitor. Sony Walkman to the next roll of the OLED screen. Not in the near future unfortuatly, but know what it is for this type of concept.

Although the Sony Walkman which is almost at the stage of pre-production model and there are only images in your web design, we can name some of the characteristics of the media player. First, the Walkman and the need to remove the three-inch touchscreen WQVGA OLED screen. Here are some of the benefits of this technology: low power consumption, not response time, high-gloss, color depth and contrast ratio 1000000:1. Right below the screen, the new Walkman has a 16 GB from 32 GB, FM radio tuner and a digital S-Master digital audio amplifier with cancellation and a speakerphone in the sidebar.

When it comes to making the new Sony Walkman, which looks similar to previous models, at least a little, but will become one of the most progressive media players. Audio file MP3, WMA, AAC and PCM codec that will be supported and cross your fingers for the lossless FLAC format and the other also. Walkman is the video playback MPEG-4, WMV and H.264 (AVC) codec, which means that for the Blu-Ray. Thanks to the WiFi network support, the Sony Walkman is a ton of features to offer online, such as watching the reels on YouTube, purchase content from Amazon, YouTube videos and subscribe to audio podcasts. Walkman features a web browser that is still not known, but may know more when the time en'09.

The Fastest Internet Connection Ever - 40 Gbps

Monday, February 9, 2009 9:25 AM

75-year-old Sweden woman recently won the 40 Gbps connection to the Internet directly to her computer. She is the mother of internet legend Peter Löthberg who have money and technology to make the connection of this type. She decided to persuade internet operators to invest in Internet connections faster.

We use to see the fiber optic link and the speed adequate. Now, when I heard about this type of connection I am surprised. I feel that I can download all the data in seconds. Well, I'm joking, but very fast. Imagine that you can download a HD DVD in just 2 seconds.

My hard drive SATA II 3 Gbps speed simply can not imagine how the home internet speeds may be faster after my hard drive. This is a good thing that the RAM is still a little faster, though.

Secret behind this is the speed of new modulation techniques. This technique allows data to be transferred through to 2000 km distance only directly between two routers. This does not involve any intermediary transponders that make a connection even faster.

Of course, now you have to get the quality of fiber optic cable to get the same speed. In addition, the cost of that fortune to get a 40 Gbps internet connection.

Nokia 2760 - Unlocked

Sunday, February 8, 2009 11:37 AM

Introduction of the Nokia 2760 for several functions that exist for your Nokia phone, which provides familiarity with the best performance and look glamorous. Camera 640 * 480 pixels (VGA), capturing images and music on the handset is a pride for all with 3GP MPEG-music and video player with support for FM radio.

t=v1+v2, How to Increase Visitor Traffic and Web Popularity with Quick and Easy Way

Saturday, February 7, 2009 12:38 PM

When you read the title of this post you may be confused, what is the formula t = vi + v2, and what is the relationship with traffic link, this is also happening with me when I first read one of my friend’s post, but when I read it I understand his posting finally and I found that the formula t = V1 + v2 is also make sense, please read this post up so that you will be more understanding.

------------------------------------Copy start here---------------------------------------------

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A philosophy says "Honesty is the Best Policy (Honesty is the political / best strategy)," is what we will prove .... whether honesty concept we can use to generate traffic and more intense popularity beyond the concept of complex expert webmaster or SEO expert ..?... I believe we will achieve that goal if this concept is running properly ..., and if this concept is applying in your web according to the rules, by then:
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If Albert Einstein use the equation E = mc2 to combine mass potential and speed of light to create extreme nuclear energy , then we will use equation = V1 + V2 to combine my web potential and your web potential to generate extreme web traffic and popularity also .

If Einstein use atom plutonium and uranium to make nuclear bombs, then we use the Honesty and accuracy to make a bomb of this traffic and popularity concept.

What do you need to do is follow these steps:

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What is t = V1 + t2 ...?
t: Number of traffic that will be you get on your web in a day
V1: The number of visitors to your web in a day
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For example, my web or your website in one day have an average of 50 visitors .., and all of this we apply the concept (powerful sentences) correctly, and that 50 people from each of 50 people also have visitors from his blog , then the web we will visit in a 50 plus 50 x 50 people on that day = 2550, and will also likely continue to increase day by day, because every day there are always new visitors in the internet world, each day also have a new blogger, or web internet in the world ... PROVE IT!

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Well, what do you think about this formula? Go ahead and practice on your blog and hope that this strategy is successful

Wow, 160 Megapixel Digital Camera from Seitz

11:56 AM

What's the most important features of the camera for you? Currently, compact, multifunctional and stylish digital camera is generally regarded as the best. All three elements into the main criteria when someone is a choice that he should buy. However, some companies come with a variety of some negligence criteria. Akan pay much attention to pixels, while the choice of camera? Do you think that the more pixels a camera has, the better the image quality?

Seitz company, for example, create a 160-megapixel 6 x 17-inch camera that is considered as the highest resolution among all digital cameras. Besides the fact that this gadget seems very large, may be very heavy to carry and shoot with. Apparently, a high resolution image taken with this Seitz camera will take about 900MB. Therefore, a memory card that will not be simple enough to make even a few pictures.

Seitz D3 digital camera not only impresses with size (6 x 17, 4.5 pounds), but also with features. This gadget is taking photos with a resolution of 7500 x 21250 pixels, which is 160 MP. The Seitz D3 Digital Camera combine with Tablet PC that works with it, making the whole process easier and more reliable service. But if you really, really high will be ready to buy portable hard drive for this purpose. However, this is not half of it. Such as high-end gadgets cost around $ 45,000.

Of course, a very big now you can have this high resolution camera. However, I believe that almost did not have these things really need. A very high price which is limited only a few people who can afford it. The result means that to buy this gadget means that one of the most irrational purchase in the world.

Best Binocular for Nature Lover and Spectators from Zhumell

Friday, February 6, 2009 8:34 AM

Still very qualitative Zhumell binoculars company that meets the needs of different users with different interests and hobbies. Quality, elegant design and the ability to create products every day to attract customers. Zhumell 10x25 FC Compact binoculars series is a product company. Designed for nature lovers, sports fans and spectators. Telescope is known as the ideal to be used for concerts, sporting events, and to observe birds and animals.
A very compact binoculars (4.5L x 1.7W x 4.2H inches) and lightweight (only 230 grams). They have only 2.5 inches wide, folded into a full-size. These features make it easier to use and not in the hands of their cargo. It is important to have the freedom to act, if you ride a mountain applausing or events. Canvas case which can be easily inserted in the belt, and Velcro closure qiuck allows access to the telescope time is needed most. In addition, the telescope can be used by the user and glass.
10x magnification allows visualization of much larger objects, even at the distance of 94 meters, but many customers complain about the fact that the close focus distance long enough (3, 65 meters). Although this increase, then the object is not changed and the image bright and clear.
Elegant design of a large telescope with technical characteristics. However, some customers do not appreciate the color in your opinion, is very easy and the manufacturer must make less clear.
This telescope is cheap, and by considering the buyer all the benefits that can satisfy even very controversial.

Pixon, Cellphone for Photography Mania from Samsung

Thursday, February 5, 2009 7:48 PM

Samsung's announcement to create interesting bunch this year, including Samsung Instinct, Omnia and others. This time it announced a new mobile phone model, Samsung Pixon, which is for the camera functions, and how the same factors as the instinct or omnia. Not only the support of a phone with 8 megapixel camera that also has many other interesting features like handwriting recognition and others. Details to follow ...

Samsung Pixon, formerly called Bresson, is a new model in the line of Samsung mobile phone, and bears the model number M8800. While it appears that omnia is a simple mobile phone without the smartphone functions. However, it is indeed a feature packed phone. With large and bright 3.2 LCD slowly with 240 x 400 resolution, Bluetooth, GPS functionality, microSD slot for memory expansion, office viewer for Office files, accelerometer (appears to be a new fashion at the moment - integration of accelerometers in mobile multimedia).

However, the main function of this phone is the camera that is much more top of this gadget. Its resolution - 8 megapixels, it's great for a mobile phone, and other parameters are also extraordinary. In general, it has an 8 megapixel camera with autofocus, dual LED flash, the role of image stabilization, face recognition and smile Geotagged and video recording - the ability to record video in WVGA (720 x 480) and VGA (640 x 480) resolution 30 FPS. It also has ISO 1600, a very high sensitivity for the phone. Phone that works on the TouchWiz interface, the Omnia is the same, except that it is not a deposit of Windows Mobile.

Music lovers will not be disappointed either: the telephone and multimedia-oriented, so it's an FM radio with RDS, along with a media player that supports various audio and video formats. Very interesting, I like the number of features into this compact in size - 107.9 x 54.6 x 14.9 mm and weight - 110 g. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with Wi-Fi, so users are limited to only EDGE or 3G connectivity. This movement can be done to promote omnia, which is almost the same, only on Windows Mobile and Wi-Fi.

Curious this model is scheduled for release in early November. Announced price 550 euros ($ 800) which is very expensive. It may be better to buy a Windows Mobile communicator for almost the same price? If you want to improve the function is compatible with the camera - this is the best option.

World First Cellphone with built in Projector from EPOQ ( EGP - PP01)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009 7:42 PM

News about the concept of the GSM mobile phone with projector around for a while, but there is no information about how these concepts will soon become a model number. Thus, China is the first manufacturer to introduce this idea to life. The first mobile phone with built-in projector is already sold, and a very interesting parameter.

This wonder is called China Epoq EGP-PP01, and is the first mobile phone in the world's most projectors. Features are impressive for their small size, which can produce images at VGA resolution (640 x 480)! This is possible by using miniature LCOS projector, and a very bright LED as the light source. Maximum distance from the phone to the projected surface of 762 mm, or 30 inches. Built-in battery will last almost 3 hours when the projector is running, which is adequate for presentations or movies. Thanks to the USB port, the gadget can be connected to DVD player, laptop or PC, the project information that phone can not read themselves. Can display video and photos without external assistance, can be useful if you want to display photos and videos to friends or colleagues.

Apart from the extraordinary ability to project, also has a touch screen phone (like most Chinese today, every new phone), camera, 0.5 watt, and the dynamics of a very familiar interface, which was copied entirely from the world's most famous intelligent phone - iPhone. Not sure, can require the manufacturers of this from Apple for stealing their intellectual property, but if this phone will only be sold in the country there will be no problem at all Epoq. They try to experiment with the phone as many other Chinese mobile phone manufacturer, put them in a strange unknown pattern - in three lines. However, the more familiar with the button placement is just a matter of time.

Not sure that this idea of putting the spotlight on the phone will work, but this interesting gadget deserves some attention. Maybe tomorrow will be a mobile projector is as common as a mobile phone camera? In any case, you can play in the future is now for $ 550.

Sharp Aquos D Series - Very Efficient LCD

Tuesday, February 3, 2009 7:27 PM

TV is the kind of gadget that is not separated from the popularity of the piece is to invent something better. These are mainly entertainment, and almost never useful, but we can not say no to him. This is a TV in a major concern for environmentalists. But usually can not make it faster because the developers said on television: "This is a friendly, secure both its own sales network. The latest "green" is now the Sharp Aquos D series LCD models, but as we think, is not art, it was too late I fear.

Sharp Aquos D will flow model in the Japanese market on February 20. Akan three have most of them with different sizes: 32 "to $ 1556, 26" for 1230 and $ 20 to $ 1007. The 32-inch model has a better contrast ratio - 3000: 1, and the two 1500 models: Part 1 of Sharp's work on the new Aquos models D Viewers also see the resolution 1366 x 768, Brightness 450 cd / m2, HD quality, etc, etc, in. But the main part of the Aquos D, which show developers, hidden behind the screen and will not be visible until you see the amount of electricity should pay for this month. Aquos D will save more than the average 50 percent in the extensions of the same size LCD. This is not only economically, but because the green is not used much power, who was born in difficult labor. And when less harmful to plastics recycling.

However, despite the fact that we can not reject a great work by Sharp, which did not beat OLED technology because they have a chance. They have some efficiency measures, but with much efficiency. Clearly, now is the future of OLED default, why go further, and then the LCD screen?

The Perfect Organizer, Your Apple iPod

Monday, February 2, 2009 1:10 AM

Besides a perfect popular Apple iPod music player can be used as the design committee, as organizer of the function, such as PDAs (full size and mini-size version). Apple iPod is a store and display contacts and calendar organizer normally do.
In this case, does not need to use iTunes - because Apple uses standard file. User only the information directly from Windows or Mac software for all folders (Contacts, Notes, Calendar on the Apple iPod as a removable disk connected via USB or Firewire. It looks like that: each Note or Contact separate vCard file format, and each Note is the text in a separate file format, calendar entries stored in the ICS. Microsoft Outlook, and export Mac format is without complications. benefit from the Big Apple as the iPod - typical PDA screen is large and clear, making you read the notes , contacts and calendar data fun and clear. In addition to the profit, has a background, can be used if necessary. You can contact long list scrolled in the super-fast - the scroll wheel.
This gadget also has a built-in clock, which displays the data and time, and alarm. Pre owners can set the time and in due time should be simple to play music or sounds. Another quality of the Apple iPod - to support hyper-links to the other notes. Note that is used to build the menu, organize folders, create a separate folder for other than personal or business contacts. (For more information see the instructions or information to support).
Multifunctional gadget that works as a Firewire or USB removable disk drive in the Windows system (if you have WinXP driver is not needed), may be used to store and transfer data files any time you have available free space on the disk. Data transfer speeds up to 10 Mbytes / second.
In short, defined from the top, we make conclusions fun if you already have a gadget that - may be useful for you and the pocket organizer. Simple but provides you with the data needed to feel and stay organized.

Air Cars, Powered by Compressed Air

Sunday, February 1, 2009 1:18 AM

After apocalyptic scenarios accompanying to the all-around abating began to absorption scientists, there already began to arise after-effects of analysis in the acreage of activity abridgement and some added ecological technologies. In June 2007 Popular Mechanics appear that India, accurately Tata Motors, had amorphous assembly of the aboriginal car confused by air. This year, Zero Pollution Motors (ZPM) announces that assembly of the agnate model, destined for USA bazaar is assured to activate till the end of 2009, or at atomic 2010.

They accept additionally approved to acquisition some added solutions in nonpolluting propulsion domain. For archetype Daewoo a South-Korean company, created a Matiz abstraction with a amalgam engine: air – electric. Australian aggregation EngineAir additionally developed a "rotative engine" confused by apprenticed air. K'Airmobiles presented two alive concepts "VPA" (Vehicle with Pneumatic Assistance) and "VPP" (Vehicle with Pneumatic Propulsion) in the end of the aftermost year; best weight of such a archetypal actuality bound by 250 kg.

Propulsion technology of the AirCar's agent was developed by the above Formula 1 architect for MDI (Motor Development International) from Luxemburg. While in the internal-combustion engines pistons are confused be the access of the fuel, again in an AirCar the affective is accomplished by air beneath pressure.

ZPM achievement that anon the assembly of AirCars will be added than 10000 units annually. Models that will be launched will be OneCat, with two seats (as was produced in India) and MiniCat, with three seats. The aggregation is additionally intending to barrage a archetypal alleged CityCat with six seats.

One refueling with 340 l of air beneath burden will amount about 2 USD and will assure freedom for added than 1000 km at the acceleration 100 km/h. The amount for such a car is ciphering to be 17800 USD.

It sounds too acceptable to be true? We achievement that not.


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